Drone Coastal Services, provides Perth's Northern Suburbs with a one stop solution for aerial photography and videography. Using cutting edge drone technology to produce uncompromising image quality in stunning detail and 4k ultra high definition video.Providing clear and transparent pricing, we provide risk assessment and mission planning for every flight. All video footage and digital stills are delivered straight to your inbox in record time. Don't settle for less, contact us today and see how we take your business needs to the next level.

Drone Coastal Services is incorporated as Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd 

0422 918109    |     vicky@dronecoastalservices.com.au


Introducing our brand new photography style - Landscape Portraits. Personal, original and created just for you.
Capture your loved ones from a unique perspective. Put your home squarely in the picture. Whether it's your favourite beach, your own property, or celebrating a special occasion. Make art that matters.


Offering a wide range of photographic solutions to suit every budget. Single images to multiple photos, ultra wide panoramas, to the very latest 360 interactive moveable images.
Using the latest onboard camera technology to capture crisp clear accurate still photography in stunning detail.


Offering a wide range of aerial video services - Raw unedited aerial footage, Aerial Sequencing Manoeuvres to Fully edited Promotional Location videos. Each Promo Video features music tracks, branding, call to action content, titles and advanced video sequencing.


Providing the commercial sector with a host of drone services from - Inspections - Site progress - Monitoring - Surveillance - Super sized Panoramic imagery - Marketing Material. The list of applications for Aerial imagery and video recording is endless. Get in touch today and see how we can help your business grow and save you money.
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Looking for a custom solution. Half and Full day rates for Drone operations available. Drone Pilot and UAV technology with associated safety equipment provided. With an unlimited range of applications, drone operations is your custom solution, offering full use of video and photography recording capabilities.


Step 1 - Make a Request

Select "STEP 1 - MAKE A REQUEST" above & Check out (No payment required) Make sure to include your mobile number or email address when you check out so we can contact you directly. 

What Happens next?

We make telephone contact with you, to discuss the details of the photograph/ video footage required. Preliminary site check of location. Flight expectations and limitations discussed.  Location & requirements confirmed.

Step 2 - Your Request is approved, Payment is required in full.

Every request is assessed individually. Safety is our number one priority. Drone operations are planned and executed under CASA rules and regulations.

Your Request outcome will either be 'Approved' or 'Alternative Suggestion Recommended'.

APPROVED - Place your Order above by selecting "Step 2" and checking out. Payment is required in full. (Prices shown are in Aus $)

ALTERNATIVE SUGGESTION RECOMMENDED - due to CASA Flight restrictions, an alternative flight suggestion is made to produce a similar result. Revised Outcome : APPROVED. Place your Order above by selecting "Step 2" and checking out. Payment is required in full. (Prices shown are in Aus $)

Drone Flight Day

Drone operator and Drone equipment on site. Flight safety report generated to include safety and risk assessment. Drone flight and aerial imagery completed.

Editing and Post Production

Post Production editing of photographs completed. Proof Sheet provided with a selection of images to choose.

Client selection of Photographs. Master/s produced. Master files created.


Delivery - All Master Jpeg Files are uploaded to a secure Dropbox folder. Download your files directly to your inbox . Additional file formats also available on request.

Additional Services

Printing, Framing and Delivery service is available. We can print your favourite photograph and turn it into a piece of art. Print on Fine Art Photographic paper, canvas or Acrylic. Choose your frame style, choose your colour and select your size. Get your artwork delivered straight to your door. Please enquire about a custom service when you place your request. (State of WA only)


    Tel: 0422 918109 (Perth AWST / GMT+8)
    Email: vicky@dronecoastalservices.com.au
    Postal Address: PO Box 1156, HILLARYS WA 6923
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