*Return Policy

Our policy lasts 7 days. If 8 days or more have gone by since your purchase was received, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

Terms and conditions for all returns.

1.   All returns must be sent back to Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd within 7 days of receiving the 1item(s).

2.   The customer is responsible for contacting Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd via email or phone, to advise that an 1item(s) is being returned. The customer must also be responsible for getting an acknowledgment of this return, from Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd before shipping or emailing the 1item(s) back.

3.   The customer must provide proof of purchase of the 1item(s) in the form of a receipt from Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd.

4.   The customer must return the 1item(s) in the original packaging / or original digital state they received the goods.

5.   No marks, scratches, edit, damage, missing parts or wear and tear of any kind are acceptable and will deem the return void.

6.   The customer is responsible for paying all return postal costs where applicable. Refunds will only include the cost of the 1item(s) minus shipping and packaging costs.

7.   It is strongly advised that all 1item(s) returned are tracked when posted. Tracking costs are at the expense of the customer. This will enable the customer extra insurance the 1item(s) is delivered safely and give the receiver (Far Photograohy.com.au Pty Ltd) notice of when to expect the package. Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for 1item(s) returned and not delivered in perfect condition or 1item(s) lost or stolen in transit or once delivered at the destination address if tracking was not provided.

8.   It is strongly suggested the customer insures all 1item(s) returned at the customers expense in case of loss or damage during shipping and delivery. High value 1item(s) over $100 should be insured by the customer on their return to Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd.

9.   Each 1item(s) returned will be assessed and approved for a refund by the Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd team upon delivery. A confirmation email will be sent to the customer advising of the return 1item(s) condition and pending refund if applicable. This is known as the approval process.

10. For the return of Digital files, a refund will be issued to the customer once a valid reason for return is accepted. The customer is also required to sign a waiver to acknowledge and confirm that there has been no use of the image in any form, includes but not limited to, copies of the image made, no edits or any changes to the image.  No file sharing, no duplicates , the image has not been past on to a third party nor any other associated use of the image has been made or will be made in the future. That once a refund is issued the customer the Royalty Free Licence issued by Far Photography.com.au will be revoked.  

10.   Return address is PO BOX 1156, Hillarys, Perth, Western Australia 6923, Australia

Refund Policy

Terms and conditions for all refunds.

11.   Refunds will be processed within 48 hours of the approval process being successful.

12.   The customers refund will be processed by the same means as it was received via credit card or original method of payment. In the case of Paypal or similar payment methods, Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd is not responsible for any additional fees associated with the transaction, to the customer.

13.   The customer must provide proof of purchase of the 1item(s) in the form of a receipt from Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd.

14.   The refund value will include the value of the 1item(s) returned minus shipping and packaging costs of the 1item(s).

15.   When an 1item(s) is purchased and shipping is marked as “Free”, Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd reserve the right to deduct a delivery/shipping fee from the 1item(s) returned. This decision will be made at the discretion of the Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd team and confirmed in the approval email sent to the customer. The reason being, that all 1item(s) delivered by courier or mail still incur a shipping/delivery cost to Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd whether they are advertised as free shipping or not. This clause is not applicable to 1item(s) that are collected by the customer from the Hillarys address or where Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd delivers the 1item(s) themselves directly to the customer.

16.   No reason is required by the customer for a return and subsequent refund if all the above conditions are met.

17.   A confirmation of the refund will be sent to the customer to advise of the transaction.

18.   Please allow up to 4 working days for the refund to show up in the customers account. The customer is responsible for checking the refund has been received into their own account.

19.   Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for the incorrect transfer of funds if incorrect information was received from the customer.

Additional non-returnable or refundable items:

• Gift cards

• Sale 1item(s)

• Discounted 1item(s) where a discount code or % is used in the transaction of the item purchased.


We are happy to provide an exchange for another 1item(s). if you are not happy with your print upon delivery. If you choose another 1item(s) of greater value, you will be expected to pay the difference in cost. We cannot accept exchanges for defective or damaged 1item(s). Please contact us via email at info@farphotography.com.au. You will be required to return your 1item(s) to PO BOX 1156, Hillarys Perth Western Australia AU 6923, and cover the cost of postage and tracking. The same conditions apply for all exchanged 1item(s) as detailed in the *Return Policy.

Any product ordered in exchange for another will be subject to the same production and delivery timelines as a new sale. Please refer to printing and delivery times for more information.


Any 1item(s) purchased will only be refunded or exchanged to the customer who paid for the 1item(s). If the 1item(s) was gifted to a 3rd party, only the customer who paid for the 1item(s) will be credited or contacted by Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd

Shipping - Returns or exchanges

1. To return an 1item(s), the customer must send the 1item(s) to PO BOX 1156, Hillarys Perth Western Australia AU 6923

2. The customer is responsible for paying for the full value of shipping and delivery costs. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund.

3. It is strongly recommended that the customer tracks and insures all 1item(s) returned. All costs for shipping returns or exchanges are the sole responsibility of the customer. Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd does not take any responsibility for 1item(s) lost, stolen or damaged in the shipping and delivery process of 1item(s) returned.

A copy of this policy is available as a pdf, click here to view or download


Environmental Policy


For further information or advise on any of these terms or conditions please contact Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd directly on


or mobile on + 00 61 (0) 422 918109

Please note business hours are 5 days a week 9am to 6pm. Perth time zone is referred to as AWST (Australian Western Standard Time) and GMT +8 hours.


1 item(s) – refers to the product, item or purchase of goods from the Far Photography.com.au website only. This is not applicable to the purchase of any products brought from 3rd party sellers or retailers who stock Far Photography.com.au Pty Ltd goods.

*Return Policy – The full terms and condition of the Returns policy as stated above

Document updated – 24th February 2024