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Welcome to Far Photography

Welcome to Far Photography,  your gateway to stunning landscape and nature photography capturing the natural beauty of Western Australia and far beyond. Our curated collection of digital downloadable landscape prints offers a window into the breath-taking landscapes that make Western Australia truly remarkable. From the rugged coastline of the Great Southern to the serene wilderness of Shark Bay, each photograph is a testament to the unparalleled beauty of this region. Enjoy instant access to a diverse
collection of high-quality images, by purchasing a digital landscape print, direct to your inbox. No waiting, no fuss. Enjoy the flexibility to print at home, on any media and to any size.
Alternatively get your local professional printers to print it to any size. Customize your space with personalized wall art that reflects your style while enjoying the convenience of saving time and money. Start exploring our gallery of prints today.

Back Story

Born in the UK in the 1970s, my childhood was spent both in the UK and living abroad, moving every 3 years to a different country, has a big impact on your future
aspirations. I developed an insatiable desire to travel and immerse myself in the beauty of different cultures and new exiting landscapes.

It was during my time in Chile in the 1980s that my fascination with landscape and nature photography took root. Armed with a trusty old Minolta SLR and countless rolls of film, I embarked on a journey of discovery, capturing the essence of the world around me and the splendour of Chile.

Guided by my father, a dedicated amateur photographer, I honed my skills over the years, learning the intricacies of composition, light, and technique. His technical expertise and unwavering passion fuelled my own journey, shaping me into the photographer I am today.

Now, four decades later, I find myself still captivated by the art of photography, as passionate as ever about freezing moments in time and sharing the beauty of the world through my lens. Settling in Australia, I consider myself incredibly
fortunate to call this breath-taking country home.

The name Far Photography pays is a tribute to my father, who ignited my love for photography and served in the RAF for over 40 years. "Far" is a reference to Landscape scenery and RAF spelt backwards.

Journey so far

It all started in London during the 1990s, working in the media industry, focusing on corporate infomercials, live broadcasts, sports, and entertainment events. A move to Australia in 2002 opened up new opportunities in documentary and wildlife programming and harnessed my love of nature and animals. In my role as Production Manager, I travelled extensively with crews, capturing footage of every native Australian animal imaginable. It was an exhilarating time, filled with unforgettable encounters and remarkable experiences. I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful characters along the way and getting up close and personal with a myriad of native animal species. Venturing into remote locations and untouched wilderness areas, revealed a side of Australia I never knew existed. Following a break from the industry to start a family, I returned to production life once more, reuniting with old friends and collaborating with an exceptional team of natural history filmmakers. It was an exciting period, marked by innovation and the integration of drones into the filmmaking industry. In 2018, I took a leap of faith by launching my own landscape print store. In 2023, we introduced Drone Coastal Services, opening up exciting opportunities to capture aerial footage and provide innovative solutions to clients in Western Australia.

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